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uBooNE CI Validation dashboard doesn't show all plots

Added by Vito Di Benedetto about 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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By accessing the uBooNE CI Validation dashboard, I see there are plot not shown, though the plot are uploaded to the CI DB.
For example in this dashboard:

I see some of the plot are not shown, but if I right-click on the missing plot I can open and
visualize them in a new browser tab. The plots that behave this way change time to time.

I don't see similar issue for DUNE CI Validation plots nor for GENIE Validation documents.

Could this be related to some sort of timeout and/or the different protocol used to access those
validation plots (http on port 8080 vs https on port 8443)?


#1 Updated by Vladimir Podstavkov about 2 years ago

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This turned out to be a problem on the Postgres server side. The version 9.3 has this performance issue. The upgrade to version > 9.4 is needed.
Will request it from DBA group.

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