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Iterate artdaq_database into /

Added by Gennadiy Lukhanin over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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Add an option to the script that would create an instance of artdaq_database and populate it with default test configurations so they can be used by


#1 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt about 2 years ago

  • Project changed from artdaq to artdaq Demo
  • Target version set to artdaq_demo v3_04_00
  • Experiment deleted (-)

I think this should be the defining feature of the v3_04_00 release.

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Instructions for testing the integration of with artdaq_database.

  1. Install and test artdaq_demo; take a note of its qualifiers.
  2. Download and install a new version of artdaq_database with the same qualifiers as artdaq_demo into the $MRB_TOP/products directory.
    source ./setupARTDAQDEMO
    cd $MRB_TOP/products
    wget -qO- | tar jxvf
  3. Change the current branch of artdaq_demo to feature/lukhanin_artdaqdb_integration.
    cd $MRB_TOP/srcs/artdaq_demo
    git checkout feature/lukhanin_artdaqdb_integration
  4. Rebuild and install artdaq_demo.
    cd $MRB_TOP; mrb b -j32; mrb i
  5. If is in the $MRB_TOP directory then copy and to $MRB_TOP.
    cp $(find localProducts_* -name ./
    cp $(find localProducts_* -name ./
    chmod a+x ./

    Note: this step will not be required after the feature/lukhanin_artdaqdb_integration branch is merged into the HEAD of the develop branch.
  6. Comment out the put_config_info_base function in $MRB_TOP/artdaq-utilities-daqinterface/rc/control/
    diff --git a/rc/control/ b/rc/control/
    index e2d1e35..aa16cfa 100644
    --- a/rc/control/
    +++ b/rc/control/
    @@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ def get_config_info_base(self):
     def put_config_info_base(self):
    +    """ 
         scriptdir = os.environ["ARTDAQ_DAQINTERFACE_DIR"] + "/utils" 
         if not os.path.exists( scriptdir ):
    @@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ def put_config_info_base(self):
             proc_types = ["BoardReader", "EventBuilder", "DataLogger", "Dispatcher", "RoutingMaster"]
             proc_line = {}
             with open("%s/ranks.txt" % (runrecord)) as ranksfile:
                 for line in ranksfile.readlines():
                     res ="^\s*(\S+)\s+([0-9]+)\s+(\S+)\s+([0-9]+)\s*$", line)
    @@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ def put_config_info_base(self):
                 proc_line_value = proc_line_value[:-1] # Strip the trailing comma
                 proc_line[ proc_line_key ] = proc_line_value + "]" 
                 dataflow_file.write("\n" + proc_line[ proc_line_key ] )
             with open( "%s/%s/metadata.fcl" % (tmpdir, runnum) ) as metadata_file:
                 for line in metadata_file.readlines():
                     if "Start_time" not in line and "Stop_time" not in line and not line == "":
    @@ -179,7 +179,7 @@ def put_config_info_base(self):
         assert res, "Unable to find uuidgen-generated temporary directory, will perform no deletions" 
         shutil.rmtree( tmpdir )
    +    """ 
     def listdaqcomps_base(self):

    Note: This temporary fix disables archiving of run history records for the tagged version v3_03_02_111318 of artdaq-utilities-daqinterface, which is checked out by default.
  7. Run as you typically would and it will create a new filesystem database in the $MRB_TOP/database/online_config_db directory and use it for managing configurations.
     ./ --basedir=$MRB_TOP --config demo --comps component{01..2} -- --no_om --runduration 30

    Note: Not all configurations are compatible with artdaq_database, a good one to use is called "demo".
  8. Use the "--no_db" option to disable artdaq_database in
     ./ --basedir=$MRB_TOP --config demo --comps component{01..2} -- --no_om --runduration 30  --no_db
  9. Setup the configuration management tool "" from UPS.
    source $MRB_TOP/products/setup;setup artdaq_database v1_04_68 -q e15:prof:s64
    export ARTDAQ_DATABASE_URI=filesystemdb://$MRB_TOP/database/online_config_db
  10. Run it...
    Usage: [operation] [config name prefix]
    Example: exportConfiguration demo_safemode00003 importConfiguration demo_safemode getListOfAvailableRunConfigurationPrefixes getListOfAvailableRunConfigurations getListOfAvailableRunConfigurations demo_ archiveRunConfiguration demo_safemode 23 #where 23 is a run number updateArchivedRunConfiguration demo_safemode 23 #where 23 is a run number getListOfArchivedRunConfigurations 23 #where 23 is a run number exportArchivedRunConfiguration 23/demo_safemode00003 #where 23/demo_safemode00003 is a configuration name listDatabases listCollections readDatabaseInfo

#3 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt almost 2 years ago

  • Target version deleted (artdaq_demo v3_04_00)

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partial merge into develop

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