Feature #20798

On protoDUNE, DAQInterface should take info from Run Control and store it in the database

Added by John Freeman over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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On protoDUNE, there's some run-related info DAQInterface doesn't intrinsically know about, but which would be nice to save in the database. This info includes, but is not limited to: run type, datataking start time, datataking stop time. DAQInterface should coordinate with Run Control, so that Run Control can give it this info and DAQInterface can then save it in the database.


#1 Updated by John Freeman over 2 years ago

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With DAQInterface release v3_00_06e for protoDUNE, on run start DAQInterface will do the following:

  • Save the ASCII file output by run control in the run record with the name "rc_info.txt"
  • FHiCLize the contents of the file and append it to RunHistory.fcl before RunHistory.fcl is saved in the database

For reference, the file run control produces looks like:

start_time: 2018.09.11 16:57:54.764
run_type: Test

Note that the stop time isn't yet implemented. More needs to be understood (and a new release of artdaq_database may be necessary) before DAQInterface can append the stop time to the archive on run stop.

#2 Updated by John Freeman over 2 years ago

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#3 Updated by John Freeman over 2 years ago

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DAQInterface release v3_00_06h completes this issue, specifically through commit 928ee45d073196d616b1eb05605bde15a989a674 on feature/protodune. On the stop transition, DAQInterface will add a file called RunHistory2.fcl to the run archive in the database, which simply contains the stop time provided by RC. So, e.g., RunHistory2.fcl looks like:

stop_time: "2018.09.19 19:13:14.915" 

while RunHistory.fcl, created on run start, looks like:
run_number: 1001637 

config_name: "np04_WibsReal_Ssps00120" 

components: [cob2_rce01, cob2_rce02, cob2_rce03, cob2_rce04, cob2_rce05, cob2_rce06, cob2_rce07, cob2_rce08, cob3_rce01, cob3_rce02, cob3_rce03, cob3_rce04, cob3_rce05, cob3_rce06, cob3_rce07, cob3_rce08, cob4_rce01, cob4_rce02, cob4_rce03, cob4_rce04, cob4_rce05, cob4_rce06, cob4_rce07, cob4_rce08, cob5_rce01, cob5_rce02, cob5_rce03, cob5_rce04, cob5_rce05, cob5_rce06, cob5_rce07, cob5_rce08, cob6_rce01, cob6_rce02, cob6_rce03, cob6_rce04, cob6_rce05, cob6_rce06, cob6_rce07, cob6_rce08, cob7_rce01, cob7_rce02, cob8_rce01, cob8_rce02, cob8_rce03, cob8_rce04, cob8_rce05, cob8_rce06, cob8_rce07, cob8_rce08, felix00, felix01, felix02, felix03, felix04, felix14, felix15, felix16, felix17, felix18, ssp101, ssp102, ssp103, ssp104, ssp201, ssp202, ssp203, ssp204, ssp301, ssp302, ssp303, ssp304, ssp401, ssp402, ssp403, ssp404, ssp501, ssp502, ssp503, ssp504, ssp601, ssp602, ssp603, ssp604, timing_1, wib101, wib102, wib103, wib104, wib105, wib201, wib202, wib203, wib204, wib205, wib301, wib302, wib303, wib304, wib305, wib401, wib402, wib403, wib404, wib405, wib501, wib502, wib503, wib504, wib505, wib601, wib602, wib603, wib604, wib605] 

start_time: "2018.09.19 19:07:18.350" 

run_type: "Test" 

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