Feature #20759

DAQInterface should be able to place requirements not just on a package's commit hash but also its version

Added by John Freeman about 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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Right now, DAQInterface typically has requirements on a git commit hash appearing in artdaq's repo. E.g., right now at the head of its develop branch, since DAQInterface calls the add_config_archive_entry which Kurt introduced back in July, it requires the following commit to appear in the git log of the artdaq repo:

commit b434f3b71dd5c87da68d6b13f040701ff610fee1
Author: Kurt Biery <>
Date:   Sun Jul 15 16:02:21 2018 -0500

    Added add_config_archive_entry and clear_config_archive methods to DataLoggerApp and EventBuilder app as part of restoring config information in art/ROOT files.

This is useful in that if DAQInterface called add_config_archive_entry while using an artdaq installation that didn't contain this commit, the artdaq process would instantly crash; this heads off the problem before it occurs. However, this check is only applied if artdaq is available in repo form. If artdaq is used as a ups product, the check is ignored. Kurt pointed out that it would be nice if DAQInterface could also apply a check if artdaq is used as a ups product.

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Revision ba3c333b (diff)
Added by John Freeman 12 months ago

JCF: if the artdaq source repo's not available, rather than requiring that we be past a certain git commit hash (inclusive), require we be past a certain version (inclusive). Satisfies Issue #20759


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Satisfied by commits ba3c333b31c038d0601519171ca9b85b8f8e5a70 and efe2149526e4f1188d1a848bc20fad7bce1c8e00 on the develop branch. If an artdaq source repo's not available, rather than requiring a given git commit (or newer) we can require a given version (or newer).

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