Bug #20659

Extracting bzipped tarballs is very slow

Added by Dave Dykstra over 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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Jobsub's tar file feature now uses bzip2 encoding. I noticed that extracting the tar files was taking a lot of cpu time on the test cvmfs publishing, and heard that uncompressing bzip2 was about 5 times slower than gzip. Dennis helped me to do a test by creating an approximately 1GB gzipped tar file with exactly the same contents as a formerly used bzip2 tar file, and found that it was 8.5 times faster: it took only 16 seconds to extract instead of 137 seconds. So I suggest switching to use gzip.

Dennis had originally used bzip2 because with gzip the hash changes each time, but the gzip -n option avoids that.

The cvmfs publishing itself is not a very high priority since that is just a test at this point, but this should also save significant time in decompression of these tar files on worker nodes.


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Looks good.

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