Task #20544

Establish which sites can do third-party WebDAV to/from RAL

Added by Robert Illingworth over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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FNAL dCache third-party WebDAV works (except for an issue with delegation that we can work around)
CERN EOS does not, but may be adding support end of this year/early next year.
DPM may work.


#1 Updated by Raja Nandakumar over 2 years ago

Link above for the current status of CERN EOS supporting direct 3rd party push to Echo@RAL

#2 Updated by Raja Nandakumar over 2 years ago

There is a test https push endpoint for EOS@CERN. Opened a ticket asking for DUNE to be allowed to use it

Robert Illingworth should be added as a watcher to the request.

#3 Updated by Raja Nandakumar over 2 years ago

DPM does not yet support third party transfers without "DOME". And DOME is apparently too unreliable to be rolled out in production in any DPM site. So, third party transfers to RAL will have to be either through dCache (FNAL / IC) or EOS (CERN)

IC is working on adding the missing certificate to their dCache headnodes. EOS is waiting for CERN to update itself.

#4 Updated by Raja Nandakumar over 2 years ago

While waiting for the fixes to enable third party transfers from RAL<->Elsewhere, I have opened a ticket against CERN FTS to ask if we can perform transfers using FTS WNs (which run fine already)

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