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Milestone #20350: IOTA BPM deployment

Milestone #19607: IOTA ACNET Interface

IOTA BPM Raw Array Device

Added by John Diamond almost 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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An ACNET device for reading the latest Raw Reading.


#1 Updated by John Diamond almost 2 years ago

Nathan's specifications:

Raw Data Readback by "paging" bpm raw data readback
  N:IBPMIN - index for selecting bpm to read (1-21)
  N:IBPMPG - page to report from each channel (1-16) to support up to 128k samples
  N:IBPMRA[0:N] - Raw ADC samples for channel A for selected bpm
  N:IBPMRB[0:N] - Raw ADC samples for channel B for selected bpm
  N:IBPMRC[0:N] - Raw ADC samples for channel C for selected bpm
  N:IBPMRD[0:N] - Raw ADC samples for channel D for selected bpm

The existing SSDNs Channel IDs stop at 216 (0x00d8), so we will use 220 (0xdc)

This will be six (6) new SSDNs (0?dc/0000/0000/0000):

  • Chan 0 - The reading/setting of the BPM to return (00dc/0000/0000/0000)
  • Chan 1 - the reading/setting of the page number of the raw data to return (01dc/0000/0000/0000)
  • Plate P - The plate reading. (0Pdc/0000/0000/0000) - P=2, 3, 4, or 5 for A, B, C, or D, respectively

Note that the last three words of the SSDN are ignored.

Thus, setting the device with the (00dc) SSDN to 1 and the (01dc) SSDN to 5 will cause readings on each of the four other SSDNs to point to the raw array values of the second BPM at the 6th page of the full data array.

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