Feature #19983

Make flag when FTS repeatedly fails to delete files out of dropbox

Added by Steven Timm about 1 year ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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permission errors blow the log size up huge.. have to detect that before we fill up the disk.


#1 Updated by Steven Timm 9 months ago

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Is it possible to have FTS detect when it is getting "Permission denied" errors while trying to delete already-transferred files and put some notice on the display or something?

#2 Updated by Robert Illingworth 9 months ago

I think the right approach here is to have certain error conditions when deleting the file - EPERM definitely, but there may be others - flag the file as being failed. That will show it on the status page and also stop retrying the deletes every time. The only potential trouble is that this will effectively resurrect a file that was supposed to have been completed - I'm not sure if that has any ramifications.

#3 Updated by Steven Timm 8 months ago

The v6_2_0_beta3 version which has this feature is now installed at CERN.

#4 Updated by Steven Timm 4 months ago

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this is in v6_2_1, closing.

#5 Updated by Steven Timm 4 months ago

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