Bug #19631 cannot run sbndcode jobs due to partially committed metadata features used in the March 2018 workshop branch

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While developing SAM metadata items specific for SBND, one feature was only committed to the SBNWorkshop branch.
The feature applies a default value a couple of metadata items if they can't be found in the fcl file.
As they experiment specific metadata items are not used in (which means they are not placed into the wrapper fcl that makes), any submitted job will fail as it can not find the metadata items.
The fix, which allows for a default value of those metadata items, mitigates this problem. Unfortunately this fix only exists in the workshop branch and did not make it to develop. So, sbndocde v06_72_00 onwards can not be used with without tweaking the user's job fcl file.

Here is a diff of the commit in question:

Two options:
1) Figure out how to make in sbndutil include the new metadata items
2) Port the default value'ing of the metadata items to the main branch of sbndcode

Given that the metadata items are production specific (not useful for an end user running jobs) and the productions are moving to POMS rather than, I think option 2 is the better choice.


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#2 Updated by Thomas Brooks almost 3 years ago

Change made to develop after v06_80_00 tag.

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