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Anna Holin reports that there are some problems moving to SLF5 with older releases for two cases:

base release: S09-07-10-R2-00
test release pkgs: BeamMegaFit, Conventions, MCReweight, NugentInterface

/minos/app/annah1/Griffin_Production_v00 (used for official nue file production)
base release: R2.0.1
test release pkgs: Conventions, DataUtil, Mad MCCNNAnalysis, NueAna

An initial look at these seems to indicate two issues:
  • using the gcc 3.4.3 compiler w/ the native linker
  • problems with an installation of "boost"


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Re: "boost"

on minos-slf4 one has /usr/include/boost/version.hpp ( 103200 == 1_32_0 )

minos-slf4$ rpm -a -q | grep boost

minos27$ rpm -a -q | grep boost

minos50$ rpm -a -q | grep boost # SLF5 node

possible solution:
install boost in relevant externals v0x?? (INSTALLATION)
same version, vs. what RPM can supply on SLF5

seems to have have boost-1_34_1 installed ... why isn't this good enough?

does a MINOS package using boost need -I added somewhere in GNUmakefile?
works on minos-slf4 due to system area?

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Re: compiler/linker mismatch

errors look like:

<**building library**> libNeugenInterface
`.L1798' referenced in section `.rodata' of 
defined in discarded section `.gnu.linkonce.t._ZN10init_state9as_stringE15init_state_enum' of 

Numerous changes were made to CVS circa 2011-03-23 w/ log messages of the form:

Changes for gcc 3.4.3 used w/ ld 2.17 (vs 2.14) as found on SLF5.
For this combination large-ish switch statements in inline methods
(usually involving character constants) cause errors of the form:
  referenced in section `.rodata' myfile.o defined in discarded section
during library linking stage.  Moving these methods to the implementation
side (i.e. non-inline) resolves the issue; any degradation due to
the loss of inlining should be very minimal.

#3 Updated by Robert Hatcher over 9 years ago

Re: dogwood1daikon07_final

  setup_minos -r S09-07-10-R2-00
  cd /path/to/test/release/dogwood1daikon07_final
  srt_setup -a

fix "boost" issue by:

   cvs update -dPA GNUmakefile

this picks up "boost" installed in $INSTALLATION (MINOS_EXTERN v03) for include + lib

fix "compiler/linker" issue by:

   cd $SRT_PRIVATE_CONTEXT/NeugenInterface
   cvs update -dPA init_state.h init_state.cxx

will move the offending switch statement from the .h to the .cxx with no other changes. There are a number of other changes to this package that should probably be taken (and probably don't change behaviour) in: GNUmakefile LinkDef.h deduce_fate.F inuke_reweight.F neugen_config.h neugen_wrapper.h neugen_wrapper.cxx. Users should review these changes in consultation with experts.

With these


builds without errors (though a few minimal warnings). As a reminder, users should ignore all messages of the form:
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib64/ when searching for -lc
/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib64/libc.a when searching for -lc

#4 Updated by Robert Hatcher over 9 years ago

Re: Griffin_Production_v00

  setup_minos -r R2.0.1
  cd /path/to/test/release/Griffin_Production_v00
  srt_setup -a

all the problems are of the compiler/linker mismatch issue and can be resolved using the prescription:


   addpkg CandSubShowerSR
   cvs update -dPA ClusterType.h ClusterType.cxx

   cd $SRT_PRIVATE_CONTEXT/NueAna/Reweight
   cvs update -dPA NueRW.h NueRW.cxx

One needs to add the CandSubShowerSR package in order to pick up the change to ClusterType used by CVS HEAD.

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The above fixes should be sufficient to get these releases working again under SLF5. If Anna could try them out and sign off then we can close out this report.

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