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Messages from CommandableFragmentGenerator should be associated with the fragment generator in question

Added by John Freeman over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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A common occurrence in a running DAQ system is for a pathology associated with a particular fragment generator to be identifiable by a warning or error message which originates in its CommandableFragmentGenerator base class. E.g., on protoDUNE, if an SSP isn't sending data (or is sending it delayed), a message like the following will appear (artdaq 854943d1010efb55594a29324f98ed68e667237d, from March 15, is used here):

2018-03-23 18:15:35 +0100: %MSG-w CommandableFragmentGenerator:  Early pre-events
2018-03-23 18:15:35 +0100: A timeout occurred waiting for data to close the request window (max=70293078933504, buffer=0 (if no buffer in memory, this is shown as a 0)). Time waiting: 2002729 us (> 2000000 us).

In a run with, say, four protoDUNE SSPs where only one SSP is causing problems, it would be very helpful if this message could be associated with the problematic SSP. One could imagine that the label associated with the CommandableFragmentGenerator's messages, rather than being simply "CommandableFragmentGenerator", could be the value in the CommandableFragmentGenerator member instance_name_for_metrics_, or that there could be a new instance_name_for_messages_<code> member which users could set.

Related issues

Related to artdaq - Idea #13389: Make sure error messages are as useful as possible for end usersClosed08/01/2016


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As part of the TRACE updates, the TRACE_NAME for CommandableFragmentGenerator is now set to <app_name>_CommandableFragmentGenerator.

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