Bug #1946

Multiple block requests for same event

Added by Randy Reitz almost 9 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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An attempt to block a MAC address on a network switch which is not configured in NCIS created 73 block request to FBI.
The source of the loop may be due to the FBI API returning 'False' when an FbiSnmpEngineFactory raises a NoSuchNcisDevice exception.
The FBI API 'False' return is not handled in the BlockEngineImpl._do_block() method.


#1 Updated by Lauri Carpenter almost 9 years ago

See bug 1948 for the handling of FBI 'False', which is probably NOT AT ALL related to the reporting of multiple events.

I am not at all sure why there was such a tight loop in tissue repeatedly requesting block on the same mac for the same event, but I do NOT think it is because the block returned False (there is no re-try logic in tissue). It may be due to other complications such as miscomp being down at that time (db-retrys)... but after all the other changes that are going
into the v2_2 release, this is hard to unravel and I fear we will need to wait for it to happen again.

#2 Updated by Lauri Carpenter almost 9 years ago

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