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sam_metadata_dumper generates invalid metadata keys

Added by Marc Mengel almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Every place we use sam_metadata_dumper we're having to filter its output because it generates keys and in some places values we cannot import.

For reference, the spec is here


  1. keys process_name, applicationVersion, applicationFamily, should be key {"application": {"version": x, "family":, y, "name": z}}
  2. first_event, last_event are yeilding lists of 3 integers when they should yeild the third value as a single integer
  3. Other tags that are not in the list from the SAM metadata spec, like 'file_format_era', 'file_format_version','run_type', need to be reworked as parameters, i.e they could be 'art.file_format_era' or 'art.file_format_version', in which case they could be imported directly if the appropriate parameter is added to SAM.

I think the best implementation for item 3 above, is to check against a dictionary of known keys from the specification, and if the item is not in there, prefix it with 'art.'.


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This will require a discussion since some clarifications are in order.

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There have been no objections expressed from the stakeholders. We will implement the suggested proposal.

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This feature has been implemented with commits:

Please note the following changes in how the SAM metadata is stored:

From To
first_event art.first_event
last_event art.last_event
applicationVersion application.version
file_format_era art.file_format_era
file_format_version art.file_format_version
process_name art.process_name
run_type art.run_type

In addition, the top-level fields first_event and last_event are also stored in single integer form, as specified by SAM. The art-specific first_event and last_event triplets are still stored but with the 'art.' prefix.

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