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Add to proxy the support for associations with meta data

Added by Giuseppe Cerati over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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We need to add to proxy the support for associations with meta data!
This is critical for the usability of proxies in the long term.

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Added by Gianluca Petrillo over 3 years ago

Added interface for association metadata in proxy classes

This solves issue #18638:
- withAssociatedMeta() and withAssociatedMetaAs() allow caller to
specify the metadata
- withZeroOrOneMeta() and withZeroOrOneMetaAs() allow caller to
specify the metadata
- a new iterator allows access to the full association information
(left, right, metadata)

The unit test is now using an association with metadata.


#1 Updated by Lynn Garren over 3 years ago

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The interface needs to be designed.

#2 Updated by Gianluca Petrillo over 3 years ago

In the proposed design and implementation, the access to metadata is currently offered only via iterators (i.e. there is no way to get a collection of only metadata).
To implement this, a change has been made to the iterator values, which used to be just art::Ptr<R> and now is a complex object. While this object behaves mostly as art::Ptr<R>, it's not hard to devise code that stresses the difference. Therefore this is a mildly breaking change. New functions proxy::withAssociatedMeta() and proxy::withZeroOrOneMeta() (and corresponding xxxMetaAs()) issue the request of merging an association with a specified metadata type.
An example of usage of the new interface is in the unit test at lardata:source:lardata/test/RecoBaseProxy/ method ProxyBaseTest::proxyUsageExample(), which now reads:

  auto tracks = proxy::getCollection<std::vector<recob::Track>>(
    event, tracksTag,
    proxy::withAssociatedMeta<recob::Hit, recob::TrackHitMeta>()

  if (tracks.empty()) {
    mf::LogVerbatim("ProxyBaseTest") << "No tracks in '" << tracksTag.encode()
      << "'";

  mf::LogVerbatim("ProxyBaseTest") << "Collection '" << tracksTag.encode()
    << "' contains " << tracks.size() << " tracks.";

  auto onCollection
    = [](recob::Hit const& hit){ return hit.SignalType() == geo::kCollection; };

  for (auto trackInfo: tracks) {

    recob::Track const& track = *trackInfo; // access to the track
    double const startTheta = track.Theta();

    double const length = trackInfo->Length(); // access to track members

    // access to associated data (returns random-access collection-like object)
    decltype(auto) hits = trackInfo.get<recob::Hit>();

    lar::util::StatCollector<float> dQds;
    double charge = 0.0;
    for (auto const& hitInfo: hits) {
      // hitInfo is equivalent to a art::Ptr<recob::Hit>
      double const hitCharge = hitInfo->Integral();
      charge += hitCharge;

      if (onCollection(*hitInfo)) { // 
        double const ds =; // access recob::TrackHitMeta
        if (ds > 0.0) dQds.add(hitCharge / ds);
      } // if on collection

    } // for hits

    mf::LogVerbatim log("ProxyBaseTest");
      << "[#" << trackInfo.index() << "] track ID=" << track.ID()
      << " (" << length << " cm, starting with theta=" << startTheta
      << " rad) deposited charge=" << charge
      << " with " << hits.size() << " hits";
    if (dQds.N() > 0) {
      log << " (<dQ/ds> = " 
        << dQds.Average() << " +/- " << dQds.RMS() << " Q/cm from " 
        << dQds.N() << " hits in collection planes)";

  } // for tracks

The interface is fully exercised in another method of the test module, ProxyBaseTest::testTracks().
More details on the interface are documented in Doxygen for classes proxy::details::AssnsNode and proxy::details::assns_node_iterator.

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The basic infrastructure is implemented in branch feature/gp_Issue18638 of lardata.
The branch is updated to develop branch as of today (v06_64_00).

#4 Updated by Gianluca Petrillo about 3 years ago

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