Bug #1843

DCS GUI/CSS does not open

Added by Martin Frank over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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Sometimes when the DCS GUI crashes or gets closed and one attempts to reopen it immediately, nothing happens. The terminal window will say that CSS is already running. So far, the only remedy for this is to wait five minutes and then try opening it again.

Since the CSS process takes some time to die and since CSS can only run one instance at a time, the newly started process tries to merge with the dying one, which results in nothing happening.


#1 Updated by Martin Frank over 9 years ago

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Athans just stopped by and told me that you can get around this by doing a "kill -9" on the CSS process on nova-daq-02.

#2 Updated by Martin Frank over 9 years ago

It turns out that killing the process on nova-daq-02 does not resolve this problem because it only kills the tunnel. The CSS java process on novadcs-ctrl-master is actually the culprit, it ramps up to 100% CPU usage for about 5 minutes and then dies. In the meantime no other CSS process can properly be started.

#3 Updated by Martin Frank over 9 years ago

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Gennadiy added an icon on the nova-daq-02 desktop that kills the CSS process on novadcs-ctrl-master, so the shifter can use that if there is trouble with opening CSS because it says that it is already running.

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