Bug #18356

MRB does not properly handle qualifier-versioned products

Added by Eric Flumerfelt about 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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The current artdaq-core product_deps has the following: #
product version optional
canvas v3_00_03 s56
canvas v1_06_02 s46
canvas_root_io v1_00_02 s58
canvas_root_io v1_00_01 s57
TRACE v3_09_01
cetbuildtools v5_14_03 - only_for_build

  1. nq means there is no qualifier
  2. a "-" means the dependent product is not required by the parent and will not be setup
    qualifier canvas canvas_root_io TRACE notes
    e15:s58:debug - e15:debug nq std=c++14
    nu:e14:s56:debug nu:e14:debug - -nq

When running in an MRB area with qualifiers e14:s50:debug, I get the following error from mrbsetenv:
[eflumerf@ironwork artdaq-mrb-base]$ mrb z
Removing everything in /home/eflumerf/Desktop/artdaq-mrb-base/build_slf7.x86_64_s50-e14-debug
You must now run the following:
[eflumerf@ironwork artdaq-mrb-base]$ mrbsetenv
The working build directory is /home/eflumerf/Desktop/artdaq-mrb-base/build_slf7.x86_64_s50-e14-debug
The source code directory is /home/eflumerf/Desktop/artdaq-mrb-base/srcs
----------- check this block for errors -----------------------
ERROR: no match to qualifier list for canvas_root_io
[eflumerf@ironwork artdaq-mrb-base]$

I have traced this issue to the logic in, around line 986. It appears as it if is setup to deal with lines like the cetbuildtools setup, where the optional or only_for_build flags are used, but not for the specific combination of optional <qualifier> specifying a version of the product, and then the product not being used in all qualifier combinations. The artdaq product_deps has similar logic with mpich/mvapich, but they are not qualified in the product list.

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Related to mrb - Bug #18624: "dependent product is not required" not handledAccepted12/26/2017


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I believe that this problem is resolved with mrb v1_13_02, available on SciSoft. Please test and let us know if you still have problems.

#4 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt almost 3 years ago

Yes, it does appear to be resolved now.


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Thanks Eric, resolving this issue.

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