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IRM Slow memory leak

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The following is all as stated by Mike Kucera: There is a slow memory leak in the IRMs, seen in Main Injector and other places. After about 2 months, the system will run out of memory (or it is so fragmented as to be useless). These systems used to stay up for 1 year +. Kucera opines that it seems to have gotten bad since the new DPM was made the default for everyone, but that wasn't absolutely for certain.


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Some information which may of use:

When DPM is readying a request to a front-end for the first time, it targets the GETS32 task. Ideally, a front-end should return ACNET_NOTASK if that protocol still isn't supported. LabView front-ends, for instance, don't pay attention to the ACNET header and treat GETS32 requests as RETDAT requests. The unintelligible reply tells DPM to downgrade the request to RETDAT.

If I remember correctly, the IRMs returned ACNET_NOTASK so DPM knew to downgrade to RETDAT. However, the IRM will have received a GETS32 request. If there's a small memory leak, it will build up as each new request will send the one GETS32 packet.

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Does this still seem to be a problem? Was is fixed?

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