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Support mechanism for VO & possibly site to specify list of potential bind mountpoints for singularity

Added by Dave Dykstra almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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I learned that CMS is looking for a list of directories, and if any of the directories exist they are bind-mounted in to the singularity session. In particular, the list is "/lfs_roots /cms /hadoop /hdfs /mnt/hadoop /etc/cvmfs/SITECONF". It doesn't make sense to have GlideinWMS hardcode these, but there should be a mechanism (e.g. an environment variable) that the VO pilot can use to pass in a list of potential directories, if it doesn't already exist.

Possibly there could be a separate mechanism for site administrators to add directories, or we could leave it up to the VO to look for an additional variable and add it to their list.

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#1 Updated by Dave Dykstra almost 3 years ago

It just occurred to me that VOs will have to supply bind mount points in the image anyway, for sure for unprivileged singularity, so there's probably not a lot of value to accept additional mountpoints from the site administrator. There does still need to be a way for the VO to pass them to glideinWMS.

#2 Updated by Dave Dykstra about 2 years ago

singularity-2.6.0 will include the underlay feature so bind mountpoints will be able to added to an image. I discovered a couple of months ago that sites can set $SINGULARITY_BINDPATH which already works for extra bind mountpoints. Marco & I discussed having a separate GlideinWMS for VOs to do it but I don't know if he decided to it or not. We could also just tell VOs to add to $SINGULARITY_BINDPATH.

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This is being covered in [#20030]

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Duplicate of [#20030]

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