Bug #17927

anatree fcl does not correctly store cosmic ray information for BNB + cosmic overlays

Added by Dominic Brailsford over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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The default fcl files for anatree set the 'Cry' module label as generator. There is nothing wrong with this as this is definitely the standard for all generator stages.
The problem arises when trying to run anatree over overlay files. In a nut shell, the overlay generates BNB neutrinos,stores them with 'generator' label in the ART file and then, to avoid collisions, runs and saves corsika with the 'corsika' label.

This setup means that the standard_anatree_sbnd.fcl fcl file stores neutrino information in the cosmic ray leafs when running an overlay.

I don't think that it's possible to fix this problem with one anatree fcl file alone. I propose that we make a production fcl file (so one that lives in the fcl folder used for the MC productions) with a suitable file name and with the correct label definitions. I can then make the MCP XML production scripts pick up the correct anatree fcl file for overlay jobs.

I'm marking this as urgent due to using overlays in the SBN workshop next week.

Associated revisions

Revision 87bc89a3 (diff)
Added by Dominic Brailsford over 2 years ago

Fix for issue #17927

Anatree fcl file for running corsika + genie overlay.

Revision 25b59d4f (diff)
Added by Dominic Brailsford over 2 years ago

Additional fix for issue #17927

Add MCCSTATEMENT to the corsika+genie overlay generator fcl file so that the XML production script picks up the downstream anatree fcl file

Revision 137a01ce (diff)
Added by Dominic Brailsford over 2 years ago

Very final fix for issue #17927
Alter and include CMakeLists to pick up the new anatree fcl file

Revision 2f4bcb16 (diff)
Added by Dominic Brailsford over 2 years ago

Missed a CMakelist for issue #17927


#1 Updated by Dominic Brailsford over 2 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

Fixed in commits 87bc89a3 and 25b59d4f

There now exists a production level fcl file for corsika+genie overlay anatree and the XML production scripts should pick this up via an MCCSTATEMENT added to the generator-level fcl file.

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