Bug #17562

Timeouts occur on stop transition when running artdaq in window request mode

Added by John Freeman about 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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When running in window request mode with artdaq-demo v2_03_02, with one ToySimulator pushing fragments and a second ToySimulator waiting for requests to be sent from an EventBuilder, I've noticed that a timeout occurs on the stop transition as an expected request with fragment type EndOfRun never gets sent up to the second ToySimulator. This EndOfRun request requirement was introduced into the CommandableFragmentGenerator in commit 4e7b5c34d4e8ba47e5088ab05a5870f8b7ffaed2. In order to run in the fashion described, I've attached a script to this issue, "", which is meant to be sourced in an empty directory on woof in the following manner:

source <directory in which artdaq-demo's performed an installation>

This script will locally check out a copy of DAQInterface, and configure it so that it runs two ToySimulators in window mode using the artdaq-demo installation referred to by the argument if the instructions it echoes at the end are followed. (1.44 KB) John Freeman, 08/22/2017 01:55 PM


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Resolved by a3aeef401c98b13c. Please double-check, but I was able to run the test program without seeing timeout issues.

#3 Updated by John Freeman about 3 years ago

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I performed a double check and the problem seems to remain. To get precise about what I did:

-I installed artdaq-demo via "./ --develop", so that artdaq's commit hash was 87a69adcb14bc03609e3c54185b5dc6bbeffadf0 (one commit after a3aeef401c98b13c90a41304c1bb7bf015e535ca, entitled "Merge branch 'master' into develop"). Location is woof:/home/jcfree/scratch/artdaq-demo_redmine_issue_stop_timeouts .

-Ran the script I attached to this issue, with the run result being saved in /home/jcfree/scratch/redmine_issue_stop_timeouts_xcheck/run_records/1

-Got the timeout on stop; the result is saved at the bottom of /tmp/daqinterface_jcfree/DI.log

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