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Means for user inspection of snapshots

Added by Jeremy Wolcott over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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NOvA uses snapshots rather heavily in its production workflow. Unfortunately, because dataset_def_name_newest_snapshot gives the user no means of knowing how recent the snapshot used is, s/he often has to take a new snapshot to be sure it's up-to-date. On the other hand, we often wind up with definitions with dimensions like `snapshot_id 123456`, which makes it tough to know what the snapshot is of if the original creator was in a hurry and wasn't quite descriptive enough. We've concluded that it would be extremely helpful if there were some more means for inspecting snapshots available to the user. We envision being able to do something like:

$ samweb list-definition-snapshots jwolcott_def1
     id       user              date
  000001    jwolcott    2017-08-01 09:32:05
  000002    jwolcott    2017-08-07 16:51:11

as well as

$ samweb describe-snapshot 000001
  definition:  jwolcott_def1
        user:  jwolcott
        date:  2017-08-01 09:32:05

Would it be possible to introduce something like this (obviously, this is just an interface suggestion, but we would like both list-snapshots-by-defn and interrogate-snapshot-by-id functionality)?


-Jeremy Wolcott
NOvA production

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Revision c079a883 (diff)
Added by Robert Illingworth over 3 years ago

Add methods for querying snapshot info - resolves #17397


#1 Updated by Robert Illingworth over 3 years ago

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A slight complication is that currently there are no timestamps associated with snapshots. But we're already planning to change that (both creation date and last evaluation date).
There will also be a "try to create a new snapshot only if the existing one is older than some time interval" feature. But providing a way to query this info seems like a good idea.

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