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what is the purpose of the demo?

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I can't tell what the objective of the demo is. IMHO, I would checkout a OTS piece of hardware and read it out or if that is not available, then there would be a software emulator of one of these components. Macro maker seems like an advanced demo feature or at least a parallel effort. I'm not sure why you start with that. Macro maker in and of itself is jargon. You want to call out the functionality.

What is the point of the graphics that list the 4 subjections. Are they used again later? The titles on the pictures are confusing. I think you want to say, at the end of the demo, a user will have learned to:

1) do a simple install of the system (alhtough it's not one click simple).
2) build macros to talk to custom boards (but I think this is a more advanced feature). for the demo, you want them to use a hardware component you already have that is "off the shelf".
3) take data
4) analyze data


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Most of the users that I have seen (CCD, test beam, OT) want to start out by writing and reading to their hardware. They want to type in an address/data and write/read it.

Macro Maker is the tool we have to quickly start writing and reading to hardware. That is why we start there - it the fastest path to talking to hardware.

I agree it would be cool to check out hardware for this tutorial from the PREP counter. We can do that with the CAPTAN+ boards (we have 10 or so of them that could be made available), and they would function just like the emulator in the tutorial.

Regarding the icons - they are the same icons that are used on the otsdaq Desktop (e.g. the second one is the Macro Maker icon). The intent was for the titles of the tutorial sections to be a little catchy/memorable.

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