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cleaning up the installing otsdaq page

Added by Margaret Votava over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Again, I have the same comment as the overview - that the page doesn't have a polished web page look/feel. Where should my attention need to go?

In presentation mode:
  • slide 2 is blank
  • each page begins with the number 1 which is not the same set up numbers as scroll mode.
In general
  • Why have the note about Konsole on this page? You don't use it again on this page.
  • The very first step on slide 3 should be organized better. The first sentence talk about 3 ways to install, and then lists 8 steps. The 3 ways are bullet points and not enumerated, and the very first way you list is the not recommended way (!). Start with the 3 ways, putting the least desirable last. The instructions to get curl should look more like a footnote at the bottom
  • wget does not come by default on my mac. ihave to use curl.
  • do we really need to download from We already have 3 other places to get code from - upd, scisoft, and cvmfs. I strongly recommend one of those other locations. It took me 1.5 hours to download during hte day on Friday from work and 30 minutes that night from home. I didn't do any diagnostics at the time, but suspect that gets busy.
  • has otsdaq.ova been approved to distribute publically? You need to go through Arron if not.
  • virtualbox is now at 5.1.26.
  • Shouldn't the otsdaq.ova file I'm downloading have some kind of version tag? Else how do I know that I am current?
  • What does a "green" setting mean?
  • It would be nice if there were a single command that did it all - installed the VM and imported otsdaq into it. It is more involved that most software installs.
  • A screen shot would be useful on the the instructions for setting up a shared folder


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Re. Presenetation Mode:

- fixed presentation mode handling, and changed to un-ordered list (numbering only is consistent within a slide in Presentation Mode).

Re. General notes:

- agreed, konsole removed
- re-organized the "3 ways"
- added note about macs and wget
- it would be nice to download from somewhere faster. I will make a new issue for someone to look into. We need 5+ GB of space.
- We have shown the VM at the "security council" - Art Lee has looked at it in depth.
- deleted reference to virtual box version, since it is irrelevant.
- the VM does have a version in its metadata. Are you suggesting we change the filename and the link for each version? Note: We only have enough space on for one VM at a time.
- "green" setting was referring to the red and green slider in the settings of the VM. Reworded this section.
- It would be nice to have a single command,.. using the Virtual Machine adds a layer of complexity that I'm not sure we can reduce further.
- agreed, added screenshot.

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