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Cleaning up the First Demo Tutorial Page

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Here are some simple things that I think could help clarify this page:

  • It's nice that it give a sense of how long it will take, but an hour is not right. I takes a well over an hour just to download the software. I think you should make that clear.
  • It says you don't need anything special. . It implies to me I can do it all with a web browser. Again not true. I need to download stuff to my computer. It would be really nice if I could just ask for a node in fermicloud and one is spun up with all of this stuff installed for me.
  • The goal says you want to build and understanding of the flexibility and scalability. I don't think that's what you want from the demo. The demo should be showcasing ease of use, IMHO.
  • drop the LDRD link at the bottom. It's old news now.
  • What do you expect people to do if they want to learn more or have issues? Put a link of who/what to contact if they have questions or need help or find bugs.

The page itself is not laid out well - ie, my eyes aren't readily directed to the highlights. I need to stop and read the whole thing each time I come back to it.


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