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Add Iterate Web App

Added by Ryan Rivera almost 4 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Add "Iterate" run control app for handling the launch of multiple runs.

This is useful for multi-run scenarios (angle scans, threshold scans) and also calibrations (stepping through charge inject voltage).

Once configured.. Can open “Iterate” web app

Left Pane - “Menu” for saving/loading Iterations

Iterations can be used to take multiple runs (1d or 2d parameters scans) or do 1d or 2d calibration.

Right Pane

Top-Right “Summary of Iterations”

Depending on selections in action, will show how many iterations in each dimension was calculated

Bottom-Right “Choose Targets”

Starts with Front-End type record (drop down to select different front-end types. And a checkbox for “all” of those front-ends .. If unchecked show multi-select box, and record area gets bigger.
Under record area there is a + to add a new Front-end record. Also a button at top of page to add new Front-end record
Choosing target action

Dropdown for 3 actions “Universal Write”, “Macro Execution” , “FE Macro Function”
Could need 1 or 2 parameter

Start and step values (show calculated stop value)


#1 Updated by Ryan Rivera over 3 years ago

Also in Bottom-Right "Choose Targets"

At top, allow to choose between "Configuration Group Sequence" or "Front-end Manipulations." Front-end Manipulations consist of the actions that were described previously: “Universal Write”, “Macro Execution” , “FE Macro Function.” Configuration Group Sequences consist of configuration group name/key pairs and a duration, linked together to form a sequential "run plan."

Note: Front-end Manipulations need a duration specified.

#2 Updated by Ryan Rivera over 3 years ago

  • Target version changed from FY17 - Quarter 4 Release to FY18 - Quarter 1 Release

#3 Updated by Ryan Rivera over 2 years ago

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Implemented by rrivera (7 months ago).

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