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Get DAQInterface to automatically launch online monitoring

Added by John Freeman almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Currently, in a running DAQ system with dispatchers, the act of registering art processes to the dispatcher in order to perform online monitoring needs to be performed manually - i.e., users need to go to the relevant host, set up the environment, and execute "art -c <name of fhicl document>" to create a monitoring art process. This can become a hassle, since the registration process needs to be done anew any time dispatchers are killed and then restarted. It would be good if it were possible to instruct DAQInterface to launch the art processes itself, providing it with info on where to launch them and what FHiCL documents should be used. The DAQInterface configuration file is one place this could be done.

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Revision 98177bfe (diff)
Added by John Freeman almost 4 years ago

JCF: added the execute_command_in_xterm() function to; this is a building block toward getting DAQInterface to launch art processes to perform monitoring, as described in Issue #16515

Revision 08e1a74c (diff)
Added by John Freeman almost 4 years ago

JCF: can now add info on art online monitoring processes to the DAQInterface configuration file and have DAQInterface launch them. Still need to implement an intelligent form of cleanup, however. Issue #16515


#1 Updated by John Freeman almost 4 years ago

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With DAQInterface commit 9a256b72220cf35f0f752ed0ecc43d5467e8114f, it's now possible to add lines such as the following to the DAQInterface configuration file:

art: /home/jcfree/artdaq-demo_v2_09_01/srcs/artdaq_demo/tools/fcl/TransferInputShmem.fcl
art: /home/jcfree/artdaq-demo_v2_09_01/srcs/artdaq_demo/tools/fcl/TransferInputShmem2.fcl

...and for each line, on the host running DAQInterface, an xterm will fire up, and an art process will be launched which uses the FHiCL document provided as the value. Note that currently, there isn't provision for running art on a different host or using a different display, but we can look into adding those features.

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