Bug #16410

Clarify attribute types and globbing behavior

Added by Marco Mambelli over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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If an attribute contains an asterisk, it is expanded on the worker node. This could be a desired effect but the user should be warned.
There is no mention of how attributes are split and globbed.

If the user does not like expansion, e.g. in the following expression:
<attr name="SlotWeight" glidein_publish="True" job_publish="False" parameter="True" type="string" value="(Cpus + ifThenElse(TotalSlotMemory > (TotalMemory / TotalCpus * Cpus), (TotalSlotMemory - (TotalMemory / TotalCpus * Cpus)) / (TotalMemory / TotalCpus), 0))"/>

1. Should the user add quotes (e.g. "\"expression\"" or ' "expression' ")?
2. Should the system avoid the globbing (this would make it impossible also if the use desires it, e.g. to expand a directory or list of files on the worker node)?

The current situation where variables are expanded but this is not documented should be fixed following 1 or 2.

The documentation is also a bit confusing and should be straightened up.
As I said it does not mention wether strings and expressions should be quoted or not.
Furthermore the allowed types are confusing.

GlideinWMS allows attributes in frontend and factory configuration:

The types "are 'int', 'string' and 'expr'. Type expr is equivalent to condor constant/expression in condor_vars.lst"
But in the 3rd document is used: I – integer, S – quoted string, C – unquoted string (i.e. Condor keyword or expression)
And in the column also Bool and List are used, probably should be Expr (Bool) / Expr(List)


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