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Unable to run two data loggers in a 2x2x2 system

Added by John Freeman over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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In older versions of artdaq, it was possible to run with more than one data logger. However, this no longer appears to be the case with the latest code, i.e.:

artdaq-core: 2249b0970d8c192b467f541acbc28ec19876b3fa
artdaq: 73f50dd9c52c8b5b2c0316bc0400b0d3cb96c2c4
artdaq-core-demo: 2257f9a714cfc8de3d1dd4c34b54775802cdafbd
artdaq-demo: fd8c8d8ec1f62435919ca703b7e88891dad7b65f

In a nutshell, things don't seem to work if I make the following changes to the standard 2x2x2 demo run in artdaq-demo:

-Use the data logger FHiCL for both aggregators, removing the shared memory transfer plugin between them
-Add the second data logger as a destination in the eventbuilder FHiCLs

On mu2edaq01, the directory ~jcfree/tests/multiple_data_loggers/test4/ contains the FHiCL documents and the output logfile for a standard run, and ~jcfree/tests/multiple_data_loggers/test5 contains those for a run with two data loggers. What you can see from the logfile for the two-data-logger run (~jcfree/tests/multiple_data_loggers/test5/pmt-532.1-20170416201857.log) is that the first data logger only received 26 events, and the second data logger only received 27, although they should have received hundreds apiece. Furthermore, there were timeouts on the stop transition and neither output root file was properly closed.

It's possible I'm not understanding something about artdaq v2 in which case, please alert me to any problem in the FHiCL documents contained in ~jcfree/tests/multiple_data_loggers/test5 . Otherwise, we may need to perform some code debugging. Either way, it's important to get this handled since dune-artdaq was recently upgraded to use artdaq v2_01_00, and we want to be able to write multiple files simultaneously on protoDUNE.


#1 Updated by John Freeman over 2 years ago

Update: it appears I CAN run with two data loggers in a 2x2x2 system, but I have to make the following change: instead of having both eventbuilders have both data loggers as potential destinations, have each eventbuilder sending to just one data logger. The FHiCL documents for this are in mu2edaq01:~/jcfree/tests/multiple_data_loggers/test13 .

#2 Updated by John Freeman over 2 years ago

Kurt suggested I try running with more than one eventbuilder feeding into each data logger. So I run a 2x4x2 system, with two eventbuilders sending events to one data logger, and two other eventbuilders sending to the other. FHiCL documents and output logfile are in mu2edaq01:~jcfree/tests/multiple_data_loggers/test14/ . Things work fine.

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This functionality has been tested with much more thoroughness as part of the main RoutingMaster integration test (artdaq_demo's start/

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