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Help ICARUS get started distributing their code

Added by Lynn Garren over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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We will resolve RITM0544341 here. This may be more of a cet-is issue than a larsoft issue, but it touches on both.

Submit a Request - SciSoft - Not sure if this is the right place: we need to model software distribution for ICARUS as we do MicroBooNE and other larsoft experiments. Right now, we need a 'icarus' area in /grid/fermiapp/products (expected size same as uboone...), and I think the idea is that automatically then pushes up to /cvmfs/, right? I believe the latter has been created already.


#1 Updated by Lynn Garren over 3 years ago

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The build scripts used on Jenkins by LArSoft and the experiments are maintained in larutils/buildScripts. You can use as a template for ICARUS.

We have some questions. What name do you want to use when referring to the distribution? Would "icarus" be acceptable? Our convention is to use lower case for the distributions, and also for ups product names.

What are the names of the ups products that you will be building for distribution?

Who will be building and uploading tarball for the distribution? This should be a short list of responsible people.

Once we have the answers to those questions, we can setup access to SciSoft.

#2 Updated by Wesley Ketchum over 3 years ago

Hi Lynn,

I badly dropped the ball on this, but we now need to revisit. I'll forward this to Yun-Tse too, who is working on running on the grid.

"icarus" is an acceptable name.

icaruscode, icarusdata, and icarusutils will be distributed at the least. The latter does not yet exist, but will.

For now, the short list of people building/distributing should probably be myself, Tracy Usher, and Yun-Tse Tsai. We will probably add a few people to this later, but that's a minimal list for now.

#3 Updated by Lynn Garren over 3 years ago

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These directories have been created on SciSoft with permissions that will allow the 3 of you to write to them:
  • /nasroot/SciSoft/bundles/icarus
  • /nasroot/SciSoft/packages/icaruscode
  • /nasroot/SciSoft/packages/icarusdata
  • /nasroot/SciSoft/packages/icarusutils

You will need a fermiCloud account.
Once you have been granted the cloud account, make sure you can login to Most of the time you will not need to login to this machine. Also, you should never copy files directly to /nasroot/SciSoft. Instead, use the copyToSciSoft script described, along with other information in the general instructions: BuildBinaryDistributionManifest

There is also a copyFromJenkins script that allows you to retrieve files from the Jenkins buildmaster.

#4 Updated by Tracy Usher over 3 years ago

I tried to apply for a fermicloud account but it seems ICARUS is not a valid experiment. Well, I couldn't get microboone to work either... I'm guessing I'm not filling this out correctly, what should we put in this field?

#5 Updated by Lynn Garren over 3 years ago

There is a search symbol next to the "Experiment or Department Affiliation" field. Use that to open a searchable list. The list is quite long, so you will not see everything at once. Instead, type "icarus" in the "for text" search at the top. That will return at least one entry for ICARUS. Click on it and the information should be entered automatically.

Note that when you see that search symbol, you will need to use the searchable list to get the "correct" information filled in the form.

Add "for access to scisoftportal" under additional information.

#6 Updated by Tracy Usher over 3 years ago

Yes, patience was all that I needed. Am all set, have account now. thanks!

#7 Updated by Lynn Garren over 3 years ago

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