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Provide module-independent ionization transportation function

Added by Gianluca Petrillo about 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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The disambiguation module DisambigCheater (currently in larreco!) requires to predict which wire the ionization fell on.
It is currently using some tricks, because it is not bothering to apply all the models/corrections that LArG4 uses on top of the geometry.
The correct solution is to provide an algotrithm that performs the transportation, which LArG4, DisambigCheater and any other algorithm (not just module) can invoke.

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Related to LArSoft - Task #14590: 2. improve on the current codeClosed06/15/201601/26/2017


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This request crosses Hans Wenzel's work on LArG4.
He should be made aware of the request and provide comments.

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Currently the charge transport of the Ionization charge (electrons) is done in LArG4. If we use a data product that records the amount of charge that was created as well as the creation time and position this Dataproduct can be used as input for an independent separate module that deals with the charge transport (to e..g read out wire or liquid Argon surface in case of dual read out). The new module(s) would than be separated out of LArG4. A Dataobject that would serve this task has already been proposed.

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On 11/16/17, 10:44 AM, "Hans-Joachim Wenzel" <> wrote:

I think this should be renamed to independent ionization transport module. We want to move the charge transport out of the geant 4 simulation. The simulation will will provide a data object which registers the charge that was created and the new module will take it from there.
Bill Seligman wanted to take this on.


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