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Improved handling of messageviewer by DAQInterface

Added by John Freeman about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Currently, the default behavior of DAQInterface is to launch a messageviewer window every time the boot transition is issued, and the window remains persistent after DAQInterface is killed. While this is useful in that (A) you're always guaranteed to have a fresh window with every new DAQ session, and (B) the window remains up for potential troubleshooting purposes even after DAQInterface is done, during repeated running this can result in many messageviewer windows clogging up the console and using up system resources. After discussion with Ron, we've agreed that the best approach is to continue to have DAQInterface not kill messageviewer at the end of a DAQ session, but to only launch a messageviewer window in the event that there's not one already available at the console. This way the troubleshooting benefits remain, but there will be only one messageviewer window up at a console at any given time.


#1 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt about 4 years ago

A while back, Ryan asked for a "Clear" button to be added to the Viewer. I added this, and it was sufficient for his needs, but I did have the idea of supporting multiple "message buffers", so that you could "clear" and have new messages written to a new buffer, but still be able to page through older buffers' messages. If I added this functionality to the MessageViewer, and some way to signal it, you would be able to have one instance of the Viewer open for the entire lifetime of DAQinterface, but have each run's messages displayed independently.

Of course, I don't really have a good idea on how much time said functionality would take to implement, but it might be a neat way of resolving this issue...

#2 Updated by John Freeman about 4 years ago

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With commit 64b4dd53c50367eecf8081ffa8056a5414df13c2 on the develop branch, it's now the case that if a pre-existing messageviewer is associated with the same terminal as DAQInterface, DAQInterface won't launch a new messageviewer when sent the boot transition. This isn't completely ideal, though, in that if you've launched DAQInterface from a different terminal than the prior DAQInterface which created the pre-existing messageviewer, you'll still get a new messageviewer. Also I'll need to reflect on Eric's suggestion...

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