Bug #15463

New Entry/Comment Redirect

Added by Beau Harrison almost 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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If you open a second elog tab and then go back to the first and make a comment on an entry. Once submitted, you are redirected to the new tab path rather than the current tab path.


#1 Updated by Kyle Hazelwood almost 4 years ago

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Unfortunately this is the effect of having one commong session for all tabs. To change this would require a lot of work.

#2 Updated by Beau Harrison almost 4 years ago

I believe all browsers support


and this takes care of the tab instances for you.

Correct me if I misunderstand the issue.

#3 Updated by Kyle Hazelwood almost 4 years ago

The elog doesn't use the referer header to redirect after form submission. Instead, the form is submitted via ajax and after success it makes another ajax request to the elog server to query the proper url to redirect to. The url is generated using two things: first, from the saved session (i.e. what the user has refined when viewing the elog) and second, what needs to be appended or removed from the session to ensure the entry/comment just edited or submitted will show when the page is redirected (i.e. append the comment or entry anchor tag or make an exception to the users current selection to show the entry or comment.) Since there is only one session per browser, when the new tab is opened its refinement overwrites the session and the form submission on the other tab uses the new session data. Also, since there is only one session, using the referer header to redirect would have the same effect of overwriting the session on the other tab because every time the page is loaded the session is updated.

Sorry for the long winded explanation.

#4 Updated by Beau Harrison about 3 years ago

Thanks for the thoughtful explanation.
I'm not sure why the session needs to handle the current location. Is there a specific reason for this? The client can always tell the server what its location is and then this isn't an issue.

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