Bug #15336

artdaq-demo fails to perform second run

Added by John Freeman about 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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If I install artdaq-demo on mu2edaq01 via "./ --run-demo --viewer" - which as of this date means if I install artdaq-demo v2_09_00 - then after installation, I find that I can't perform an init-start-stop-start-stop running a 2x2x2 system. In other words, if in one terminal I do this (relative to the base directory):


and then in another terminal do this:

. setupARTDAQDEMO init -N 101 start stop -N 102 start

then I start to get eventbuilder warnings like so:
Unable to process fragment 0 in event 40 because of back-pressure - retrying...

I'm not sure whether this can be changed by a simple tweak to the FHiCL produced by DemoControl and the functions it calls, or if there's a code-level issue which needs to be addressed.


#1 Updated by Eric Flumerfelt almost 3 years ago

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This appeared to have been caused by contention between the old and new ways of closing files at run/subrun boundaries. artdaq-demo is now configured by default to use the art file-closing system, which apparently does not like having the input stream close. NetMonOutput had been set up to close the input stream at run/subrun boundaries, which in turn caused the art thread to die prematurely. This code has been removed from NetMonOutput, and the desired file closing behavior has been observed.

There is one caveat, however: the current system does not respect maxSubRuns > 1 or maxRuns > 1, instead creating files for each run unit.

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Upgrading issue to artdaq, as that's where the problem was actually occurring.

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