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Remove obsolete detsim and dataprep code

Added by David Adams about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Over the last couple years, the detector simulation and data preparation code was moved into generic services and modules that can be used (with different configurations) with the various DUNE detectors. I would now like to remove the now-obsolete detector-specific modules and code. This includes checking there are no references in the production fcl area dunetpc/fcl. Note that all code is archived in git and so can be recovered if desired later.

I put Tom and Tingjun as watchers. Please let me know what you think and add any others you think might have opinions on this.

I will generate and post a list of files before removing them from git.


#1 Updated by David Adams about 4 years ago

In DetSim, I see these candidates for removal:


I would also like to move the library headers and sources into a directory Utility and fcl file into a directory fcl.

I also will change the library name from larsim_DetSim to dune_DetSim.

#2 Updated by David Adams about 4 years ago

Also in DetSim, I find It has Matt's name on it and so I add him to the watchers. I see it is not referenced in our fcl files.

Matt, do you want to keep this in dunetpc/DetSim or can it be removed? Thanks.

#3 Updated by Matthew Thiesse about 4 years ago

It certainly is not obsolete, and it is in the fhicl files. Module name "dune35t_simcounter" is used to convert sim IDEs in muon counters to raw::ExternalTrigger data products -- the same format that is created by the data splitter. It is essential in all 35-ton simulations which use counter information.

Please don't delete this unless you plan on replacing it with a different module/service which has the same function.


#4 Updated by David Adams about 4 years ago


Thanks for the quick reply. I suspected this was important. I now see it is referenced in dune/DetSim/fcl/detsimmodules_dune.fcl. Sorry to have overlooked that. I will move the module it to dunetpc/dune/DetSim/module and add your explanation to the header.

#5 Updated by David Adams about 4 years ago

I have now reorganized dune/DetSim to move all code to subdirs following the pattern in dune/Dataprep.

Tom and Tingjun, please let me know if you have any objections to removing the modules listed in note 1. Removing those (or moving them to a subdir) will complete work on dune/DetSim.

I have verified that all cet tests pass and committed changes to dunetpc tag 3393b19e44ced36479ff9bb68b87c890eb5820fa.

#6 Updated by David Adams about 4 years ago

It looks like dune/DataPrep has no obsolete files. This is expected as it it was created as part of the move to generic code.

There are many obsolete signal shaping services in dune/Utilities. I would like to remove the following:





Any objections? Please let me know even if you want time to think about this. I will take silence as assent.

The dual-phase signal shaping service is still being used. We have item #13782 that should investigate if the generic shaping service can be used there. Do we have someone who can work on that?

#7 Updated by Tingjun Yang about 4 years ago

I agree the obsolete modules and services can be deleted. I was curious about Utilities/test and it seems that that directory was added Herb in 2014. Since nobody seems to use the code in that directory, I think it is fine to delete it.

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