Feature #15280

Support auto for memory just like we do for cores

Added by Parag Mhashilkar over 3 years ago. Updated 15 days ago.

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Brian Bockelman asked for this feature. Idea is to allow for auto discovery of memory available to a glidein when it startsup. This is to minimize the number of entries required in the factory to support WN or different configurations for site with larger WN. This will allow for more dynamic setup.

This also suffers from same challenges and drawbacks for auto

  • Frontend is no longer in the position to understand the WN configuration to decide the number of glideins required to satisfy the demands
  • Auto detection of memory can only be supported in the batch system HTCondor and one or two other batch systems
  • Unlike cores/cpus where we auto can default to 1 there is no good default value we can use but it may be possible to assume 2GiB or 2GB per core

To solve some of these problems, we may need to look at this from a different perspective

  • Can OSG ensure that required info is always available in the glidein job's environment so we do not need to depend on job system to provide this info and will guarantee that this info is available to glidein irrespective of the batch system
  • To get around the issues with the frontend accounting, we may want to look into the possibility of additional config information that will help frontend with required information in case of auto


#1 Updated by Marco Mambelli over 2 years ago

  • Target version changed from v3_3_x to v3_4_x

#2 Updated by Marco Mambelli over 2 years ago

  • Target version changed from v3_4_x to v3_5

Amount of memory per Glidein (this means that is split across all jobs running on the Glidein if it is partitionable or statically split)

Review the current variables and behavior.
If possible bring it to something similar to the CPUs:
GLIDIEN_CPUS (number, auto, node, slot) GLIDEIN_ESTIMATED_CPUS

GLIDEIN_MaxMemMBs (number, auto, node, slot, htc) GLIDEIN_ESTIMATED_MaxMemMBs
(instead of GLIDEIN_MaxMemMBs int and GLIDEIN_MaxMemMBs_Estimate boolean)
- auto, same as slot (consistency w/ _CPUS, value could not be there)
- slot, memory that the batch system assigns to the slot
- node, HW memory of the whole machine
- htc, let HTCondor decide (current default, used when GLIDEIN_MaxMemMBs not set and GLIDEIN_MaxMemMBs_Estimate not true) - should we have something similar in _CPUS?

Another possibility for the name is
and maybe allow different units? MB/GB

Check w/ Factory ops if the change in behavior/name is OK.
If units would be a welcome addition

In the process make sure that the behavior and documentation are consistent (GB vs GiB)
Verify that the memory can be set to an arbitrary number like the CPUs
Verify that the behavior is correct for the auto/node/slot values of GLIDIEN_CPUS

#3 Updated by Marco Mambelli almost 2 years ago

  • Target version changed from v3_5 to v3_5_1

#4 Updated by Marco Mambelli about 1 year ago

  • Target version changed from v3_5_1 to v3_6_1

#5 Updated by Marco Mambelli about 1 year ago

  • Target version changed from v3_6_1 to v3_6_2

#6 Updated by Marco Mambelli 10 months ago

  • Target version changed from v3_6_2 to v3_6_3

#7 Updated by Marco Mambelli 6 months ago

  • Target version changed from v3_6_3 to v3_6_4

#8 Updated by Marco Mambelli about 1 month ago

  • Target version changed from v3_6_4 to v3_6_5

#9 Updated by Marco Mambelli 19 days ago

  • Target version changed from v3_6_5 to v3_6_6

#10 Updated by Marco Mambelli 15 days ago

  • Target version changed from v3_6_6 to v3_6_7

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