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Milestone #14454: Refactoring LArG4

6. Figure out what doesn't belong in the LArG4 module and move it out

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6. 6. Figure out what doesn't belong in the LArG4 module and move it out
Some functionality moves out of LArG4 module which means that data products need to be produced.

The current LArG4 module performs many operations beyond the usual Geant4
tasks. It might make sense to take the propagation of the electron clusters to the wires
and the photons to the PMTs out of LArG4 and transfer this tasks to a subsequent
digitization module that analysis the hits produced in the Geant 4 step. This might also
facilitate the use of different simulation engines (FLUKA, GeanV) since all they have to
is to inject the well defined hit classes into the event stream. It also might it easier to
implement dual phase read outs.


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LArG4 to store the info at each geant 4 step in the art event (edep, position, time and number of produced optical photons). A step limiter process will ensure that the step size is matched to the wire read out. Then a separate art module will take this input and deal with the propagation to the wires and simulation of the pulse. If the size of the data product is toobig this could be transient.

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