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Support detectors with drift direction different than x axis

Added by Gianluca Petrillo over 4 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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LArSoft currently assumes that electric field and drift direction of all the TPCs are directed along x axis (possibly with different verse).
This frames the detector in a system where z is the coordinate measured by the collection plane and usually the beam direction as well, x is the drift direction and y is the direction normal to Earth surface and maximum cosmic ray intensity.
This works well with single phase TPCs. Dual phase TPCs have by necessity the drift direction (x in the system above) and normal to the surface (y) matching.

Currently, Dual Phase TPCs are being supported with the trick of rotating the whole world so that the drift direction matches x. Cosmic ray sources also need to be rotated.

This issue tracks the progress toward a native support of the arbitrary drift direction.


Feature #14364: Build a geometry infrastructure for support of arbitrary drift directionClosedGianluca Petrillo

Task #14366: Geometry wire intersection computation is not interoperable with respect to arbitrary drift directionClosedGianluca Petrillo

Task #14705: Preparatory work for drift direction supportClosedGianluca Petrillo

Task #15727: Update simulation to support arbitrary drift directionClosedChristoph Alt

Task #15728: Update event display to support arbitrary drift directionAssignedChristoph Alt

Task #15729: Update the reconstruction algorithms to support arbitrary drift directionAssignedChristoph Alt

Task #15730: Verify that the wire and optical calibration module supports arbitrary drift direction.AssignedChristoph Alt

Task #15731: Adapt a hit finding algorithm and module to support asymmetric pulses in not-deconvoluted waveformsClosedChristoph Alt

Task #16438: Update PMA to support any drift direction and any set of view typesAssignedChristoph Alt


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Target tentatively set.

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The support I plan is to have an abstract interface allowing any drift direction, with implementations that take shortcuts.
I will develop only implementations for the common single phase detectors (drift direction x) and for DUNE Far Detector Dual Phase (10 kiloton) (drift direction y).
Each of these components need to be tested:

  1. geometry infrastructure
  2. event generation
  3. detector simulation
  4. readout simulation
  5. calibration
  6. TPC hit reconstruction
  7. optical hit reconstructions
  8. cluster reconstruction
  9. tracking reconstruction

and possibly more.
Update will not be complete: I plan to have a standard chain supported, and to provide guidance and help to update additional elements as needed.

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Upon discussion, this is more a feature which will be tracked with subtasks as a milestone.

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