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ADC configuration commands for PXIE Toroids

Added by John Diamond over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Implement CLI commands for manipulating the following ADC registers:
  • Sync Out Source (0x115)
  • Average Decimation Rate (0x2b7)
  • Decimation Sample Size (0x2b4)
Use the commands to set the following values for the PXIE Toroid ADC -
  • Sync Out Source = 0x00
  • Average Decimation Rate = 0x0000
  • Decimation Sample Size = 0x4000
Also, with the existing commands -
  • Sync Delay = 0x0000


#1 Updated by John Diamond over 4 years ago

Also, we we're at it we should add the following commands to and update the pxint startup script to use them in place of 'm' -
  • Window Size Multiplier
  • Raw Data Decimation Rate (0x204)
  • A32 address pointer (0xc... ??? - not sure why this is set as the DAQPool should be setting it)

#2 Updated by John Diamond over 4 years ago

Strike Window Size multiplier, it's configurable via vmeintIntWindowSet(..).

#3 Updated by John Diamond over 4 years ago

  • % Done changed from 0 to 40

Moved ADC CLI commands from VMEIntCommands.cpp to VMEIntCommandsADC.cpp.
Implemented vmeintADCAvgDecRateSet(..) and vmeintADCRawAvgDecRateSet(..).

#4 Updated by John Diamond over 4 years ago

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Created the following CLI commands:

vmeintADCSyncOutSourceSet adc_id, source_str

vmeintADCAvgDecRateSet adc_id, rate

vmeintADCRawDecRateSet adc_id, rate

vmeintADCAvgDecSizeSet adc_id, size

Configured the PXIE toroid ADCs (id: 0) as follows:

addMirrTorAdc 0, 0x0000 ;
vmeintADCBaselineAvgSizeSet 0, 0
vmeintADCSyncDelaySet 0, 0
vmeintADCAvgDecRateSet 0, 0
vmeintADCRawDecRateSet 0, 16
vmeintADCAvgDecSizeSet 0, 0x4000
vmeintADCSyncOutSourceSet 0, "sync_in" 

(Startup script and new code are staged for testing at PXIE on Monday)

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