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R006: Two chamber-related problems in roadsets 67 & 70

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Two chamber-related problems, namely * The D1 gas flow was lower and * The D3p TDC time window was shifted,
were known and listed in
The spills affected by them were discarded for the dbar/ubar preliminary result, because most of them were affected also by the signal-timing shift. As the signal-timing shift has been resolved in R006, we should discuss and decide how we handle the chamber-related problems.

I checked the number of reconstructed kTracks to estimate the effect of the problems.
I applied a R005-like selection as follows to count only good target kTracks;
select spillID, count(*) from kTrack where roadID != 0 and z0 between -200 and -50 and chisq/(numHits-5) < 5 and numHits >= 15 and (numHits = 18 or pz1 > 18) group by spillID

The plot attached shows the kTrack rate vs spill. The periods of the two problems (and also of the signal-timing shift) are drawn. The kTrack rate is as high as in the normal period. Is it usable for physics analysis?

nktrk_rs70.png (52.5 KB) nktrk_rs70.png kTracks/spill in roadset 70 Kenichi Nakano, 09/10/2016 05:06 PM


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This was discussed at the analysis meeting on Sep. 13. No one claimed any problem on this kTrack rate. Just we should check it again once the track/dimuon selection is updated/fixed for R006.

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