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Would like ability to query branch ID numbers in a file

Added by Brian Rebel over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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NOvA has produced several MC files with identical run and subrun values. However, a subset of these files created a data product that the others did not. When attempting to run them all in a job together, there is a warning about a branch mismatch despite the offending data products being dropped from derived files.

I would like the ability to query the branch ID values in a file so that I can identify which files have a history with the extra data products.


#1 Updated by Rob Kutschke over 4 years ago

By branch ID do you mean the art::ProductID or the fully qualified branch name? Or something else? You can get both from the Provenance, which you can get from the Handle.

If you mean art::ProductID, we could ask the art team to extend the function of FileDumperOutput to provide the art::ProductID as part of it's output. I think it should be an optional part of the output - not sure if I want it on or off by default. This is something that I have thought about asking for before but never pulled the trigger.


#2 Updated by Brian Rebel over 4 years ago

Hi Rob - the error I saw was the following:

%MSG-s ArtException: PostCloseFile 31-Aug-2016 12:49:07 CDT PostEndRun
cet::exception caught in art
---- MismatchedInputFiles BEGIN
Cannot merge file '/nova/ana/users/lcremone/skimming/nd/genie_nonswap/individual_skim_files/skim_r00010377_s08-r00010377_s08_20160824T094247.root' due to inconsistent process histories:

Process 3:
Previous File    File to merge
829807669 829807669
1021386220 1021386220
573558954 573558954
2782155946 2782155946
1649843163 1649843163
3036515335 3036515335
3774308977 3774308977
2236603607 2236603607
3958374683 3958374683
1851239427 1851239427
4002385584 4002385584
4122944972 4122944972
3133281994 3133281994
2201436742 2201436742
69306620 69306620
2023745628 2023745628
361015230 361015230
1176945745 1176945745
3727317576 3727317576
2262796677 2262796677
1326797780 1326797780
1170017908 1170017908
1070293773 1070293773
1463773235 1463773235
683694842 683694842
3558849598 3558849598
1758322137 1758322137
547423160 547423160
196390358 196390358
2924418675 2924418675
820421102 820421102
477120184 477120184
3760993011 3760993011
3377980795 1582834226 <——— mismatch is here for 2 lines
3439921261 1793121995
1582834226 1959759746
1793121995 3256424681

and Kyle tells me those numbers are the BranchIDs. I am afraid I don't know enough to answer how that fits into a ProductID. I will say that at run time in an art process it is too late as evidenced by my error above. Additionally, the files are perfectly good to use, just not in combination with each other.

#3 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel over 4 years ago

The BranchID is a checksum created from the product's ROOT branch name. It is different from a ProductID in that the ProductID is a pair of numbers, which compresses more tightly than the checksum. Both classes are used in the implementation of resolving art::Ptrs, the details of which are not worth getting into.

The set of BranchIDs per file is what determines if two input files can serve as inputs to the same art process. For more details, see the BranchID documentation.

#4 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel over 4 years ago

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This feature is provided through an additional option to file_info_dumper: specifically --branch-ids or -B.

Implemented with commit art:a9fb20ce.

#5 Updated by Kyle Knoepfel over 4 years ago

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