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Add a weight factor to shifter to allow partial shifts to be accounted in quotas.

Added by Margherita Vittone Wiersma over 3 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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This is related to SNOW request RITM0429702 opened by Thomas Strauss (MicroBoone):
Hi ECL team

I am the shift coordinator in MicroBooNE. One of the major drawbacks with the ECL for us is the inflexible shift quota calculation, which leads to us totally bypassing the feature with external software.

It would be super-helpful if the ECL shift planning gets an additional feature which I describe below. We have several institutions that have only 'part-time' people for shifts, due to the fact that people leave or have exemption due to sickness/or service duties. When I try to use the ECL for calculating quota, it will always get the number of shifters wrong. It would be great to add a column ' shifter for run adjusted' to calculate a more accurate quota, this way it will be able to calculate the right quota. You can have a yes/no switch to turn on this feature, such that the effect for other experiments is the same as before.

The idea is to allow for a fraction of points for a user who will be able to cover only a portion of shifts during a shift interval. This should allow proper calculation
of shift quota. Shift quota is calculated for the total scheduled interval based on how many shifters are available for an institution and the type of shifts defined.


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This refers to SNOW request RITM0429702 opened by Thomas Strauss.

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This has been implemented and will be available in next release at beginning of December.

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This was done and made available in version 7.6 released in December 2016.

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