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instructions at cause error

Added by Brian Rebel over 11 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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The instructions for downloading the novainst script cause the following error:

<> svn export $novasvnurl/installation/trunk/novainst/novainst
svn: Cannot replace a directory from within

To get around this problem, I have to change the command to

<> svn export $novasvnurl/installation/trunk/novainst/

which downloads the entire novainst directory.

Can't we have a script that will do all of the steps on the document for us? Why does a user have to go through all the steps to download a fresh copy of novainst every time that person wants to update the software? It would be much easier on the users to have just one command to remember.


#1 Updated by Xinchun Tian over 11 years ago

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1) I do not think it is necessary to write another script to wrap the novainst, there are only "two" steps to install everything for you; one can write his own script to wrap novainst in one command in a minute if he wants to.

2) You need not to download a fresh copy of "novainst" every time except the novainst has been updated.

3) The problem you met may be because you have a dictionary named "novainst", so try to remove it and rerun the svn export.

Please note that "svn export" does not have .svn to record the history, but "svn checkout" does, and "svn co" can not be used to checkout a single file.

I closed this ticket, but you can reopen it if you are satisfied.

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