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ROOT build with CMake?

Added by Ben Morgan over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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The current UPS product for ROOT is built with the ./configure script which means the CMake support files for find_package (ROOTConfig.cmake etc) are not installed. There is a script in the root-ssi-build directory, so is there a timescale for this to be rolled out?

The use case is for CMake-based projects to be able to use


with better support for components and imported targets than provided by the supplied FindROOT.cmake module. However, if the cmake build of ROOT is a way off, a good workaround in the meantime would be for the UPS table file for the ROOT product to append the path containing the FindROOT module ($ROOTSYS/etc/cmake) to the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH environment variable. It would then be picked up automatically by client projects but could still be overridden if required by a local version of FindROOT.


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We will verify that the CMake build of ROOT works on all supported platforms, and if so, we will switch to using CMake with our next build of ROOT6.

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With root v6_06_08, cmake is used to build root. This release of root is used by art v2_04_00 and later.

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