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More informative message when SELinux doesn't allow connection

Added by John Freeman over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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A couple of times in the last year, an artdaq-based system failed when an attempt was made to launch processes on another host with Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) enabled. One such scenario was when a power outage occurred, the computers for the 35ton DAQ rebooted, and defaulted to SELinux whereas SELinux had been disabled before. When this failure occurs, the only thing the end user sees from pmt.rb output is something like the following:

Mon Jan 25 11:40:25 -0600 2016: Permission denied.

...not nothing, but not tremendously helpful either. This issue is bound to come up multiple times in the coming years, so a lot of future troubleshooting could be saved if we could get artdaq (probably pmt.rb) to announce that a possible cause of this "Permission denied" is that SELinux is enabled.

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Added by kaikai581 over 4 years ago

JCF: in response to Redmine Issue #12603, pmt.rb now suggests that "Permission denied." may mean SELinux is enabled on the target host


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Issue is resolved with artdaq commit 1fea0df78376d3f10604c0bceccd06e332af70e0 . Now, if Secure Linux is enabled on a host on which artdaq processes are supposed to run, rather than

Mon Jan 25 11:40:25 -0600 2016: Permission denied.

you'll see
Fri Jul 29 13:40:33 -0500 2016: Permission denied.
ERROR: Unable to launch artdaq process; MPI process output "Permission denied." may indicate that Secure Linux is enabled on the process's desired host

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I believe this change went in before v1_13_01, I just missed it then.

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