Bug #126

REQUESTER_GROUP needs to be calculated using a different date when people are re-orged while req is in process

Added by Lauri Carpenter over 11 years ago.

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For a req to go into MMS, we need to include a REQUESTER_GROUP
when we submit the req. Currently, this field is calculated as
the primary group membership of the requester ON THE DAY THE REQ
WAS CREATED (because of course you need to pick a date, or else
reqs would retroactively change requester_group as the person is
re-orged into different groups down the road).

The problem is: we have many reqs that were written before Vicky's
latest reorg was "official", hence the create_date on the req
says that (e.g.,) Sheila Cisko was at that time in a group that
no longer exists today. Hence JoAnn gets an error when she tries
to submit the req to MMS.

The workaround is that JoAnn calls me and I manually reset the
req CREATE_DATE to NOW so that the REQUESTER_GROUP comes from
TODAY'S date and is accurate, rather than from whenever-the-req-

Long term, to fix this, would need to add a new column to the
MISER_REQS table for "date-into-mms". Populate that column when
JoAnn puts the req into MMS. If the column is NULL, then use
"NOW" as the time for calculating REQUESTER_GROUP; if the column is
NOT null, then use the column date.

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