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Teach dagman to ignore exit statuses of jobs

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Suppose I have a dag with a jobsub command that submits multiple parallel jobs, like this:

jobsub -N 100 ...

The way dagman works now, if any single job in the cluster returns with a nonzero exit status, the entire cluster will be killed by dagman. I would like this behavior to be changed so that each batch job is allowed to run to completion (i.e, teach dagman to ignore the exit statuses of jobs. Is there a way to do this already?).

I know that one can have a workaround by of reconfiguring the dag like this:

jobsub -N 1 ...
jobsub -N 1 ...

Besides being awkward, this workaround has the problem that such dags have a risk of timing out if the number of jobs is large.


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Take a look at <beginjob> and <endjob> before closing this ticket. If they are easy to fix, do so, otherwise remove them from the documentation

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Moving this to the next release.

Here is a discussion of the problem and progress towards a solution, from a status report dated 6/23/17:

Redmine issue #12598, teach DAGs to continue after a node fails.

  • Not as easy as I originally thought, for the following reasons:
  • It is fairly easy to have an option that runs an 'exit 0' shell script after every DAG node, causing downstream nodes to run even if the job in the node fails.
  • The --generate-email-summary option does this already.
    • requester Herb Greenlee wants a single node of his DAG to be multiple condor jobs all processing SAM data files.
    • The problem is that if any of the processes in the node fail, the whole node is marked as a failure and the DAG halts.
    • If an 'exit 0' post script is appended to the node, the node is not marked as a failure and the downstream jobs run.
    • This is still not what he wants: if any of the multiple jobs fail, condor aborts all the other jobs in the node immediately, and the data consumption of the entire set of processes halts.
  • The solution is to run the multiple consuming processes inside its own DAG, with a cleanup stage as the final step of that DAG that runs no matter what the state of the individual processes.
    • This DAG needs to run inside other DAGs generated by the jobsub_submit_dag command.
    • I have this partially working
      • jobsub_q doesn't yet report its state correctly (NB since fixed)
      • some classad attributes are missing.
Other problems encountered, which make it prudent to move this feature to the next release:
  • Generating multiple internal dags is not completely reliable, generation fails for some legal configurations of jobs
  • I am worried about generating a circular graph of DAGs, I.E a cyclic graph or infinite loop.

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