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Milestone #11650: Mar 2016 Release A - 201603A

201602A Replace Latch with ATR

Added by Roger Tokarek about 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Replace the original Latch facility with ATR, "Arm Trigger Response". Latch was hardcoded, limited in device support and required conditional compilation for each front end application. Further Latch was a misnomer since it is not general purpose and supported latching data only under only a specific set of Acnet arm and trigger events.

Latch is replaced with three new classes. ATRMgr, which supports the arm, trigger and response behavior, ATRLatchDev which supports data latching behavior for each ATR latch device, and ATRLatchAccessor which supports Acnet access to the latched data.

See [[]] for a detailed explanation of the behavior of ATR.

Associated revisions

Revision 07b075d2 (diff)
Added by Roger Tokarek about 5 years ago

Issue #11729 Intermediate step. Add ATR Support.

- Latch remains in code and active until testing is complete.
- Added map<> _monitorTable support to VMEInt in preparation for future use. No calls access it as yet.


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Current Status

  1. Added classes ATRMgr, ATRLatchDev, ATRLatchAccessor to VMEInt.
  2. Compiles successfully with make and refdev.
  3. Git commit 07b075 on local branch atr.
  4. Latch facility remains active.

Next Steps

  1. On successful ATR testing, Latch will be disabled.
  2. On successful ATR operation in M10TOR, Latch will be removed.

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REQUIRES TESTING. Investigate using class CycleDevice* instead

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