Milestone #11650

Mar 2016 Release A - 201603A

Added by John Diamond about 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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(Total: 151.00 h)
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7.50 h (Total: 137.00 h)


This will be release 201603A

Included targets are:
  • nbeam
  • anub
  • m10tor
  • mi14tor
  • mi30tor
  • s60tor
  • pxint

Excluded targets are * none


Task #11840: Refactor VMEInt::intensityRead(..) to delegate through the IIntMonitorDevClosedJohn Diamond

Task #11718: Refactor FFT readout to occur at the end of pulseClosedJohn Diamond

Bug #11719: Raw pulse data should only readout the number of samples that were digitizedClosedJohn Diamond

Task #11761: 201602A Replace Vector of Monitors with Map.ClosedRoger Tokarek

Support #11758: 201602A Document ATRWork in progressRoger Tokarek

Feature #11729: 201602A Replace Latch with ATRWork in progressElliott McCrory

Feature #11699: Dump raw ADC data to fileClosedJohn Diamond

Task #11712: Document save raw data toolsClosedJohn Diamond

Feature #11651: ACNET devices for raw ADC dataClosedJohn Diamond

Task #11713: Create raw data ACNET devicesClosedJohn Diamond

Task #11520: Create new sum devicesAssignedJohn Diamond

Task #11715: Refactor SumMgr to use EvtTrigTclkEventGeneratorClosedJohn Diamond

Feature #11843: PXIE MPS supportClosedJohn Diamond

Feature #11991: Average pulse integrated intensityClosedJohn Diamond

Feature #12028: On/off switch for readoutsClosedJohn Diamond

Feature #12054: Baseline subtraction for DCCTsClosedJohn Diamond

Feature #12159: Scaling filter for PXIE Ring PickupClosedJohn Diamond


#1 Updated by John Diamond about 5 years ago

nmltor is now running a pre-release version of 201603A.

#2 Updated by John Diamond about 5 years ago

Seeing as there is a shutdown today, now would be a good time to deploy this release.

#3 Updated by John Diamond about 5 years ago

Deployed to:
  • pxint
  • anub
  • mi14tor
After lunch:
  • mi30tor
Decided to skip:
  • nbeam
  • m10tor

#4 Updated by John Diamond about 5 years ago

Found that the Sum task was crashing on mi14tor after receiving a trigger. Seems that using the two-parameter VMEInt::filterChainRead(..) method was the problem. Since we don't have any need for sampling the sums at different levels in a filter chain I just went ahead and switch it to using the single-parameter filterChainRed(..) method.

#5 Updated by John Diamond about 5 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed
Re-deployed bug-fixes to:
  • mi14tor
  • anub
  • pxint
Deployed to:
  • mi30tor

Tagged as "release-201603A" on origin/master.

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