Feature #1103

Replace task FundType with ServiceTypeCode

Added by Penelope Constanta about 10 years ago. Updated about 10 years ago.

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BudgetInput uses the Tasks' FundType, derived from the first two characters of the ServiceTypeCode (OP, EQ, AR and PA). Where possible and in all user pages replace FundType with ServiceTypeCode.


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CRQ 1621 resolves this feature.
The following are some highlights of the changes:

  • The Oracle table MISCOMP.MMS_PAC_TASKS_EXPEND has been changed to contain the ServiceTypeCode field. This table is updated from EBS every night and it contains only chargeable tasks (no parent tasks are included). Shirley Jones has made this change. * The corresponding BudgetInput MSAccess table was not changed, the existing field SvcTypeCode that contained values "OP", "EQ", "PA" and "AR" has been updated to contain the ServiceTypeCode. Some values cannot be updated as the tasks are non chargeable. * BudgetInput code has been updated to display the ServiceTypeCode in all its pages (needs to be verified) * When adding a new task in BudgetInput, the ServiceTypeCode is selected from the MISCOMP.MMS_PAC_TASKS_EXPEND table and the "PARENT" is also a selection option, as it used to be. * A new Administrator Function has been added to allow the update of the SvcTypeCode field of BudgetInput.PATasks table from the MISCOMP table. * BudgetInput still has a lot of functionality, as it is built around it, that use the FundType values OP, EQ, etc. This cannot be changed without changing all of BudgetInput's code. * MISER (MISCOMP) requires FundType values (OPERATING, EQUIPMENT, RECEIVABLE) in order to update its tables. This is accomplished by selecting the first two characters of the ServiceTypeCode. NOTE: if a ServiceTypeCode does not follow this rule, the BudgetInput queries: qItemsxxx_MISER and the MISCOMP.FUND_TYPES table need to be updated to include the new type(s).

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