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Confirm ADC Present and Correct

Added by Roger Tokarek over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Startup scripts should confirm the requested ADC is detected and that the firmware and version are correct.

ADC is Not Detected or ADC Detected, Wrong Firmware or Version
  • Alert user,
  • set flag ADC not-detected or wrong firmware or version*,
  • continue startup.

Argument: Operationally a missing or failed ADC will be detected quickly. However in a test setting the user should be able to disable and modify ADCs at will without being required to revise the startup script each time.

*Subsequent get and set calls will not respond. Startup script get and set calls should message their failure for the user according to the failure type. An "adcStatus()" command line request could show the user the current state of the ADC.


#1 Updated by Roger Tokarek over 5 years ago

Test code in MirrTorDrv constructor provides both a status check if ADC detected: status = vxMemProbe((char*)adrs, VX_READ, 4, (char*)&testR); and a read of the register value in testR (firmware and version in this case, eg "0xABB02").

This test code should be moved into its own function(s?) with appropriate support:
  • separate the firmware name eg "ABB" from the firmware version, eg "02",
  • provide flags that indicate whether firmware and version are correct and whether ADC is detected,
  • provide support code (functions) that could respond to these flags appropriately if necessary, and
  • move the appropriate responses into DAQPool.

#2 Updated by Roger Tokarek over 4 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Work in progress

#3 Updated by Elliott McCrory over 4 years ago

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